Happy Bday 1.0.1

"¾Happy Birthday" is your personal digital birthday greeting for your-true love-best friend-beloved wife or husband-coolest buddy or best girlfriend-mother, father, grandma, grandad-daughter, son-granddaughter, grandson, niece, nephew, great ...

Happy Bday 1.0.1

"¾Happy Birthday" is your personal digital birthday greeting for your

-true love
-best friend
-beloved wife or husband
-coolest buddy or best girlfriend
-mother, father, grandma, grandad
-daughter, son
-granddaughter, grandson, niece, nephew, great aunt, great uncle

in short for everyone who"s close to your heart (and who has an iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®).

Attention: This app is NOT for you, but for you to give as a gift using the "¾Gift this app"-function in iTunes® and the App Store®.

There"s also an app especially for 18th birthdays.

With "¾Happy Birthday" you give the gift of joy and your loved ones will be reminded every day that you thought of them:
-by the cheerful birthday song
-by the wonderful birthday card
-by the cool background wallpaper
-and by the Happy Birthday-icon with birthday candles right there on the receipient"s screen

The fascinating and funny test "¾How fit is your brain?" determines the receipient"s biological age "œ and the one of everyone else on the birthday party. The aim of the test is to memorise and follow candles in the order they randomly appear for as many candles as you can. The number of candles increases with the level of the test. The results are explained by text and visualized by medals.

Your loved ones can directly thank via Facebook® and the App Store®.

This app will do nothing more than make somebody you love that little bit happier.

Attention: You may only gift this app to someone if you know their e-mail address and if their iTunes® account is in the same country as yours.

Also consider our app "¾Happy 18" that is created especially for 18th birthdays.


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